Crafting the Ultimate Vermont Charcuterie Board

Who says you have to go out to enjoy wine & cheese? There is nothing better than indulging in a charcuterie board while lounging at home in your comfy clothes! We know this, so we partnered up with our favorite Vermont companies to bring you a guide on creating the ultimate charcuterie board at home. All of these products are locally made in Vermont and most are based right in Stowe. Enjoy our tips & don’t forget to tag us in your charcuterie board photos!

Cabot Cheese 

Cabot is a co-op made up of 1,000 farmers around New England. Many of the farmers are located in Cabot, VT and Middlebury, VT. We love that they honor their local farmers & collaborate to make the best cheeses around!

Legacy Collection Farmhouse Reserve- aka the best cheddar! A staple for us on a charcuterie board is a good cheddar cheese, and we love how strong the flavor is on this one.

Pepper Jack Cheese- This is a super fun cheese to include, as it has a pop of pepper which adds a new flavor to the mix. We also love throwing this cheese on sandwiches. It’s a staple in our house!

Colby Jack Cracker Cuts- We love the ease of purchasing the Cabot Cracker Cuts, as we can create a cheese board in a snap since they are ready to serve slices. The Colby Jack flavor is a great choice since it’s mild and pairs well with all of the accompaniments.

Insider’s Tip: Check out the Cabot Farmer’s Visitor Center in Waterbury Center for free cheese samples 🙂

Where to Buy in Stowe: Mac’s Market or Shaw’s Grocery Store. Out of State? Most local grocery stores carry these cheeses, but if you have any trouble finding some, check out their website !

Vermont Smoke & Cure

We love this Vermont based company, because they make the best meat snacks that are homemade & healthy. No antibiotics or hormones, and they are free from wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. Doesn’t get any better!

Uncured Smoked Pepperoni- A staple for every cheese board. This pepperoni is smoky & spicy, and it pairs well with any cheese.

Uncured Summer Sausage- A great meat alternative to pepperoni is the summer sausage. It has a clean & tangy flavor, and we enjoy pairing it with a more flavorful jam or spicier cheese.

Insider’s Tip: While it’s not an item for charcuterie boards, we love their snack sized, grass-fed beef sticks that come in a large variety of flavors. The Maple Teriyaki flavor is our favorite. We love to grab one or two and a few slices of the Cabot Cracker Cuts for a cheese board on-the-go. They are also the perfect size for kid’s lunch boxes!

Where to Buy in Stowe: The Stowe Public House, Mac’s Market or Shaw’s Grocery Store. Out of State? Order online or use their store locator.

Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps

Chances are, if you have ordered a cheese board out at a restaurant in Stowe, you have enjoyed Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps. They are not your average cracker- they are much thinner & crisper. We also love that they are a local company based right in Stowe.

Cranberry Pistachio- This is the “OG”, and first flavor Jan created. They are made with dried cranberries, pistachios, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds & a hint of rosemary. So delicious! Any meat or cheese will pair perfectly with this flavor crisp!

Sesame Citrus- This has the same crisp texture as the original flavor, but it’s got a very refreshing hint of lemon.

Insider’s Tip: There is one more flavor, Salted Almond, and we love to pair it with a piece of Lake Champlain dark chocolate! It’s the perfect after dinner snack that is sweet, salty & chocolatey!

Where to Buy in Stowe: Stowe Public House, Stowe Mercantile or Harvest Market.  Out of State? Order directly from their website, or find a store near you!

Potlicker Kitchen

A meat & cheese board is not complete without some jams & jellies to accompany it! Potlicker Kitchen is based in Stowe, and makes delicious, small batch fruit jam and beer & wine jelly. They have a huge selection of spreads with different textures & flavors. They are the extra goodness that is key to creating the ultimate charcuterie board!

Raspberry Smoked Maple Jam- This is our go-to jam to pair with a cheese board, and we use it every time. It pairs best with bold and strong cheeses like cheddar and pepper jack.

Cabernet Black Pepper Wine Jelly- Spread this on a Cranberry Pistachio Crisp & top with a slice of cheddar cheese. This jelly tastes just like wine and you will thank us later for introducing you to this decadent treat!

Insider’s Tip:  Potlicker Kitchen does some pretty awesome local collaborations. The Heady Beer Jelly (infused with the Alchemist’s Heady Topper) is something every beer lover should try. Currently, you can get your hands on a limited edition jam infused with Stowe Cider’s Strawberry Fields, which is our favorite hard cider. Only available at the Stowe Cider tasting room!

Where to Buy in Stowe: Stowe Public House or Stowe Mercantile.  Out of State? Order from their website, and while you are at it check out all of the amazing recipes you can try!

Stowe Public House

Sometimes, you just need a few more “extras” to really complete your cheese board and make it extraordinary. The Stowe Public House is where you can find those goodies! We picked up some Flax Corn Chips and Bleu Cheese Olives. We couldn’t believe how quickly everyone gobbled up the olives! They were definitely a big hit. We recommend checking out Stowe Public House if you are in the Stowe area, as they are pretty much a one stop shop for creating a charcuterie board. The staff is super friendly and they can also help you find the best wine or craft beer to pair with your meet & cheese plate. They have the best selection around!





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