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What’s Up With the CBD Infusions in Stowe, VT?

We started seeing CBD infusions all over the place, and boasting all different kinds of awesome health benefits. We decided to see what all the hype was about!

CBD stands for Cannabidoil, which is the non pyschoactive ingredient in the Marijuana plant. We’re not going to get too much into it, but basically, CBD carries a lot of the same benefits as Marijuana, without getting you high. Oh, and it’s legal, which is why it’s so great!

It is said that CBD helps to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, decrease inflammation, ease anxiety, and help decrease the symptoms of many other disorders. We recommend reading Lee From America’s blog post on her experience with CBD if you are looking for more information on the benefits of CBD oil. We are going to jump straight into the CBD infusions that have been popping up all over Stowe!

In August, Green Goddess Cafe started using Green Mountain CBD in their lattes, juices and smoothies. We tried the “Gan-Java” and the “Chill-Latte”, which was our first time ever trying CBD. We really didn’t know what to expect, but it was exciting. We loved the creative names of the drinks too! You could taste the CBD, but it wasn’t an overwhelming flavor, which is what we were worried about. We definitely felt more relaxed after drinking them. Green Goddess Cafe also sells CBD infused gummy bears and some other goodies, including a Chocolate Mint CBD oil that you can purchase to infuse your own drinks and food at home.


PK Coffee now offers CBD infusions in their drinks as well. We tried their Tumeric Latte (honey, turmeric & house made almond milk) and the traditional Maple Latte, both infused with CBD oil, and it was awesome! The barista recommend the Tumeric Latte, since he loved the earthy taste which he said pairs well with the taste of the CBD oil.  PK Coffee uses Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD, and we got to chat over lattes with the owner, Ashley Reynolds, about the benefits of consuming CBD infusions.

Reynolds said that most of her customers consume CBD daily, and the option to add it to their lattes or other food options has “just been an added bonus for wellness on the go”. She said that the most popular use for consuming CDB is to help users fall asleep, and many have been having CBD infused chocolates for their dessert at night to help them wind down and get ready for bed. We couldn’t help but agree when she said “a wellness benefit, sleep aid and chocolate all in one? Could there be anything better?” You can find Elmore Mountain Therapeutics chocolate infusions in Stowe at Laughing Moon Chocolates.

We were able to try the Dark Chocolate Lavender & Chamomile Truffles, and they were delicious! The flavors really blended well with the CBD. One truffle has 13mg of CBD oil, which is about half a recommended dose. So, that means you can eat a few in one sitting and not feel guilty! 🙂 We tried them before bed like Reynolds suggested, and we instantly felt more relaxed and fell asleep quite easily.


We recommend trying CBD infusions for yourself. We chatted with some friends and @EatStowe Instagram followers about CBD. Some make it a part of their daily life, and others said they only use it when they are particularly stressed out. While we can’t vouch for the long term effects (yet), we only heard positive reviews and have had positive experiences ourselves.

For more information on CBD and where to find all of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics products and infusions, visit their website. We are excited to try the CBD infused chocolates at Stowe Street Cafe in Waterbury, and plan on purchasing one of the EMT topical CBD oil roll ons from Commodities Market in Stowe.






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