The Best Coffee in Stowe, VT

Coffee, we like you a latte! But seriously, we can’t start our day without a caffeine fix. We’ve rounded up our favorite coffee shops in Stowe, and let you know what our go-to order is, as well as our order when we are feeling a little adventurous!

Black Cap Coffee

This is the most convenient option when you are downtown, as it is located right on Main Street. There is plenty of seating if you would like a nice place to get some work done, and they offer free internet.

Go-to Order: The Milky Way latte, a mocha latte with caramel syrup. It’s as good as it sounds 🙂

When We’re Feeling Adventurous: We like the Snickers latte, which is a Milky Way latte with the addition of hazelnut! We also switch it up sometimes and get a Matcha latte, which is a powdered form of green tea. This is best for an afternoon pick me up, since it has about half of the caffeine as a standard latte.

Black Cap Coffee, 144 Main Street, Stowe VT 05672

PK Coffee

Probably one of the cutest coffee shops we’ve ever been too! The decor and ambience is amazing, and so are the food & drinks! We almost always end up getting one of the baked goods while we’re here, since we just can’t stop ourselves! This café is located on Mountain Road, right across the street from Piecasso.

Go-to Order: They’ve got the best Maple Latte in town! It’s such a classic Vermont drink, and it’s a must when at PK!

When We’re Feeling Adventurous: We love the Tumeric Latte and the Beetroot Latte. Both taste delicious for a healthier alternative, and the colors of the latte are so beautiful. Definitely make sure to tag us in your Instagrams when you post that #latteart!

PK Coffee, 1880 Mountain Road, Stowe VT 05672

Harvest Market

This is one of our favorite places to grab a quick breakfast and a coffee. The muffins & pastries are delicious. Get there early to find fan favorites like the Toll House muffin, as they sell out fast!

Go-to Order: Harvest Market serves Vermont Artisan Coffee, which is awesome because you can just grab it and go, as a barista doesn’t need to make your drink. Our favorite is the Mocha Java flavor!

When We’re Feeling Adventurous: Every once in a while, we go for a Cappuccino! It makes us feel like we’re truly in a European market and gives us those vacation vibes, even though we’re a local!

Harvest Market, 1031 Mountain Road, Stowe VT 05672

*Featured photo is at PK Coffee and taken by @sugarsaltbutter on Instagram.