Stowe Cider

Stowe Cider is AWESOME! Seriously, it’s the best cider in Vermont if you ask us. It’s crafted and canned in Stowe, and they use 100% locally sourced apples. It doesn’t get much better than that!

What’s Good?


High & Dry: Out of the three core ciders (High & Dry, Tips Up & Safety Meeting), this one is the driest. It’s a very crisp and refreshing cider. You can find this cider at most of the restaurants in town either in cans or on tap.

Safety Meeting: This one is for all you hops lovers out there! Safety Meeting is a dry hopped cider with citra and galaxy hops. Stowe Cider really nailed the hops/cider combo with this one, and it’s a must try.

Stowe Cider has a great lineup of core ciders, but their seasonal ciders are really what sets them apart.

The Shandy: This is one of the seasonal flavors, which is currently out now (June 2017). It’s a mix of hard cider and homemade lemonade, and is flavorful without being too sweet.

Strawberry Fields: We’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this flavor! Strawberry Fields is a Summer seasonal, and it is a semi dry cider with hints of strawberry, lime and mint.  It tastes great and it’s got a pretty rad can design!

You can view all of the cider options here.

Insider Tips: Plan a visit to the tasting room, since they always have something different on tap! Also, keep an eye out on their Facebook page for event listings, like taco trucks, corn hole tournaments and pop up shops!

Stowe Cider, 1799 Mountain Road, Stowe VT 05672